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How to Naturally Reclaim and Restore your Body’s Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health at home through diet, nutritional therapy, supplementation, fitness, and detoxification.  Reclaim your mind and entire body by achieving a natural state of homeostasis through safe and natural self-treatment therapies. This allows you to restore your health and wellness through what many consider alternative medicine, functional/integrative medicine, complementary medicine, holistic medicine, nutritional genomics (aka nutrigenomics), or natural therapeutic healing remedies. It’s important to note, our society is living longer, but not necessarily healthier.  Our diets, as a result of farming practices and our processed food choices, along with environmental toxins, prescription drugs, and our sedentary and stressful lifestyles contribute greatly to our health problems.

We now have the opportunity to live healthier and longer than our ancestors.  However, our bodies are overwhelmed by nutritional deficiencies, unhealthy lifestyle decisions, food additives and preservatives, metabolic waste, free radicals, and environmental toxins that have such negative consequences on our health.  Don’t think for one second that these obstacles and health disorders cannot be overcome naturally.  Let’s not forget, the body has an incredible healing power especially when we meet its biological and physiological needs.

Part of the problem is our lack of knowledge and understanding about the body’s biological and physiological needs.  Most of us make poor lifestyle choices because we simply don’t understand the consequences.  Not knowing what is best for our bodies leads us down a road of choosing more of “What We Want” instead of “What We Need”. Knowledge is power, and knowing whats best for our bodies give us the power of choosing wisely.

Our health care system (aka Conventional, Western, or Orthodox Medicine)  provides us with many health benefit options.  However, it’s important to remember that this is a business institution whose focus is “Profit Driven”.  Essentially they look to acquire “Financial Earnings” by providing health care services.  Healthy food choices are part of preventative medicineToday’s doctors are very smart and knowledgeable, but their knowledge and ability to treat people is only as good as the health institution they work under and their education system.  An education system that is seriously lacking in some of the most basic and fundamental areas of health, wellness, and nutrition.

We need to understand that “Conventional, Western, or Orthodox Medicine” ideology revolves around the theory of diseases, which implies that we become sick when they are able to diagnose a disease. Conventional treatments via our health care system, then treat the specific disease and its symptoms. When instead, they should be treating the persons entire body to determine and eliminate the underlying problem or root cause.

The “Alternative Medicine” ideology is that disease is a symptom or side effect of a greater underlying problem which is the root cause of an individuals ailments and any disease. Treating the underlying problem or root cause is the key to restoring our health, and by far the most effective way to prevent and eliminate our ailments and disease.

I continue to be amazed at the ability of our health care system to diagnose diseasepublic health wellness and awareness and treat its symptoms, but at the same time I am equally amazed at their very limited ability to prevent disease and treat the root cause to cure our health problems. Unfortunately, “Preventing and Curing” our ailments is not always their top priority.

To fully understand this, you need to remember that our health care system is a business institution whose primary goal is to generate revenue. As I mentioned earlier our health care system is profit driven, and as a result it often leans toward providing services that generate the most revenue or highest rate of return.  There is far more money to be made diagnosing and treating symptoms than there is preventing and curing our ailments.  This doesn’t mean the doctors, nurses, and health care professionals don’t have their patients best interests at heart.  The problem is the institution they work for, and I’m not talking about a specific hospital but instead I’m referring to the entire health care institution that we have adopted as our primary provider for health care.

Don’t get me wrong, our health care system provides many necessary and incredible services, but they also get a “Failing Grade” in many areas.  Lets take cancer for example, I had a great-uncle who was dying from cancer, and the last time I spoke with him I said, “It sure would be nice if they could come up with a cure for cancer.” Profit Driven CompaniesHe immediately replied, “It will never happen under our current health care system, because there is too much money to be made treating cancer”.  I was completely shocked, at both what he said and how much sense it made.  This is a classic example of the economics of cancer taking precedence over people’s health.  Companies invest a lot of money towards finding ways to “treat cancer” INSTEAD of “curing cancer”.  Why is this you’re wondering.  It’s simple, treating cancer generates an incredible amount of revenue and curing cancer generates very little revenue.

We need to understand that health decline is simply a result of the body being overwhelmed by unnatural circumstances.  Our bodies cells are programmed for optimal health, and if the bodies biological and physiological needs are met we can prevent and potentially reverse disease and any health disorders. While at the same time restoring our health, wellness, and vitality.  Health and Wellness Detoxification is for EveryoneDon’t forget, our bodies were designed to heal themselves. Learn to understand and give your body what it needs, and you will be amazed at the health benefits you receive in return.

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